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Conquer Local Academy is available whenever and wherever you are. These expert-led, 100% FREE courses provide you with the knowledge and toolkit required to start your agency from home. 

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Conquer Local Academy provides you with 100% free, fully remote courses that are designed by industry experts. With new courses arriving weekly, the Academy will ensure you stay up to date with relevant insights and instructions. These exclusive courses are designed to provide you with the overall knowledge, toolkit, and practical skills required to engage with small business owners, instantly prove your value, and—ultimately—conquer local. Readily available anytime, anywhere, your professional growth is always accessible. 

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Now is the best time ever to start a digital agency! Conquer Local Academy (free online course) will provide you with the holistic knowledge, toolkit, and practical skills required to engage with small business owners, instantly prove your value, and—ultimately—conquer local. 

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Be the hero of your local community and #ProtectLocal. Conquer Local Academy teaches you how to build a successful digital agency by providing local businesses with tools and resources to help them grow and expand into the online world. Empower your community; flourish your success.

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Sure, we provide you with a 100% free, 100% remote online course. However, you also receive the entire digital toolkit that we teach you how to use. These two components align you to build a successful agency from day one. The benefits are obvious.


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You have the passion; we have the knowledge. We'll share everything we know to shape you into the total package.

You have the drive; we have the tools. Our free toolkit will ensure your horsepower runs as strong as your hustle.


You have the vision; we have the experience. With everything you need to get your agency started from home, we've got you covered from the get-go.


Vendasta provides you with everything you need to start your digital marketing agency from home. There is no need to search multiple sites for various products; we have it all.

  • Prospect future clients to align your vision with your goals. 
  • Connect and convert your prospects.
  • Manage a team of digital marketing professionals who are ready to help you succeed.
  • Succeed from home and analyze proof-of-performance reports.

Snapshot Report

A one-click digital audit of prospects' businesses. The Snapshot Report is an award-winning marketing needs assessment that arms you with automated insights into a business’s online marketing performance. These insights make for powerful and persuasive sales pitches.

Sell 200+ Software Solutions

With 200+ digital marketing apps and services ready to resell, you can begin earning money right now. 

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